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Hello, my name is Hafiz, I have been struggling with my day JOB… I have a good profession and a high paying one among my peers. But every month I used to be short of cash.

I need money like everyone else to take care of myself and my loved ones, so I started searching online for other alternative to earn. I came across many sources of earning online.

I don’t have much money to save from my daily job, yet I managed to invest a little I can scrap from my monthly salary in online business which promised returns on my investment (ROI).

Needless to say, I lost good sum of my savings on fake online businesses. From my experience with the couple of online money making stuffs I’ve tried, I learned that most of the online earning platforms exaggerate the earning potential of their sites.

An unsuspected individual looking for legitimate online money making scheme falls victim to this kind of platforms.

Most of these online businesses promised 200% returns on your principal investment in a short period of time.

I lost much of my hard earned money trying to find a way to earn residual income online to support my monthly salary so I could live the type of life I always envision in my mind eyes.


My dreams hit the rocks times and again when the fake promises made by the company I signed up with slap me hard in the face.

I am not a person that easily gives in to failure, so I kept researching, I kept learning on the process and I kept putting my savings (money I can afford to lose) into the online business hoping to find a system that works…

Here is what I found….

There are many ways to earn residual/passive income when it comes to the internet and I’m going to (HONESTLY) share them with you one after the other…

You can be an online virtual assistant for a reputable company working from one corner of your room and earn cool cash.

You can be a data entry personnel for some other companies. Work at your convenient location at your own chosen time, this is real and they pay you as agreed upon by the company policy.

The shortcoming of these types of online work is that most of them are Geo specific.

For the virtual assistant for instance, the companies only accepted people from a specific continent mainly USA, UK and some parts of Europe. That is, if you’re not from these Geo-target locations, you cannot be approved.

Secondly, some position required an applicant to have certain educational qualification or skills.

Again, if you happen to have no such qualification as demanded, DISAPPROVE… or… Application DENIED…

Another way to earn extra income from the internet is through varieties of online paid-to sites.

When you sign up (with a fee) to any of these sites, you will be given some tasks to complete on their sites, tasks like:

• reading news
• watching Ads
• sharing posts
• uploading videos
• commenting…..
And other activities.

You get paid as you perform any of the listed activities….

Some sites even pay you for daily signing in to your account on the site and others pays you in (cash or in points) to take survey on their sites.

They pay you as soon as you reach their stipulated withdrawal limits.

The problem with these paid to sites is that…
Some activities they asked you to perform really sucks. And the payments way too low, like earning 0.2cent for reading 593 words news to the end or 0.5cent for watching a 35sec long Ads.

Secondly, these paid-to sites are full of deceptions, they lure you in by saying you get paid to your bank account without referrals, only for you to signup, earn to their withdrawal limit then you are asked to refer certain number of people ( 3 referrals minimum ) before you can get your cash out.

Finally, some of the paid-to sites or Apps never credit your checking or PayPal account even after completing all their demands of you.

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