Before one understands Affiliate Marketing, one needs to understand the act of INVESTING… Many people enter a job arena right after school and jump right into labour market. Money comes in from a job, then goes right out to liabilities, food, entertainment… all necessities and pleasures in life. This is often called being stuck in a “rat race”. Every month is the same thing… money comes in, money goes out. Once you’re stuck in it, it’s very difficult to get out. But not impossible. (good News..!)

Money you make in your job depends on two factors, one your ability to perform a task, do activities or function you are hired for and two the amount of time you put into that task or function. Essentially, utilizing a learned skill is trading time for money. But this can’t possibly go on forever, What happens when you get too old to perform these same tasks required for your job?

Unfortunately, for some people it goes on for a very long time. And when people who don’t invest in things that will bring in income whether they work or not when they can’t work any more, they don’t have anything to help them live as comfortably as they are living while they are working.

Until most people get into a career job that offers good benefits (including a good retirement plan), money is rarely put toward investments. Money is made and spent as fast as it’s made, giving a person necessities and comforts of life at the time, but not allowing much for a prosperous future once job income stops.

Everyone at some point in their life must face the reality that a job is not going to give them everything they want or need in life – especially a life after retirement age. Investing is something best figured out early in life.

To understand how important investing is, you must first understand what investing is. An investment is a method of making money from a one-time effort. Sometimes this effort can be intense and take some time, but it can provide income for many years to come without having to put forth that same effort or time again.

If you do a bunch of research to buy a real estate to use as an investment, you only have to do that research one time. Once you buy an investment, it will make money for you with very little effort. If you write a book and put it on a website to sell, you only had to write a book one time and it will make money for as long as it is active on the website or in a book store. If you research a company stock and find a perfect one, investing some money in it, money then starts doing work and making money without you having to do anything.

These are just simple investment examples that do take some effort. The point is, making money from investments is a lot easier than making money at a job if you know what you’re doing. A huge difference between an investment and a job is how much time and effort someone has to put into making money. Cool thing about investing (in anything) is that you only have to learn how to do it once, keep repeating what you learned, and let each dollar you invest do all of the rest of the work for you so you can enjoy life as it was intended.

Of course there is one HUGE problem that everybody faces before they can invest. Where do you get money to use to make money? When living life in a “rat race”, you eventually get caught up in an impossible circle that is very hard to get out of.

Don’t worry!

You have money… you just don’t know it yet!

There are many ways of saving some money aside for investing if you’re so determined. Remember the laws of gold as written in that ancient book titled “The Richest Man in Babylon”. The laws of acquiring wealth is till as true this day as it was 5000 years ago…

For in case you haven’t read The richest man in Babylon…

The secret that made ‘Arkad’ an ambitious youth willing to acquire gold to became the richest of all babylonia, is the same secret that removed Dabasir from deep debt to having money to invest and become a man of means. Same secret hold true today and it will work for you should you try to apply it.

The secret is simple enough to implement yet require a lot of discipline to accomplish.

The rule is this… “A PART OF ALL YOU EARN IS YOURS TO KEEP”… (sound simple isn’t it?)

Don’t take the simplicity of the first law of gold for granted. If you want to save up some money so that you can invest in something to make money work for you, one tenth of all you earn from whichever job you do is yours to keep.

That is, if for instance your current salary is N100,000. One tenth of your salary will be 10k. save up for a year and find a profitable investment for your money.(But be careful with what you put your money into).

If you earn N30,000 from your job monthly, your one tenth will be 3k. Be discipline and be consistent in your savings every month.. Be careful not to save more than one tenth and don’t save lower than the one tenth of any amount you earn, you know why, because you are just making a new change to your financial life, don’t push yourself too hard as we all know change is gradual. By saving up a part of your earnings that means you will deprive yourself some goodies of life which you are used to. So take it easy on you and stick to the plan.

One tenth of all you earn.. Nothing more and nothing less (at least for the start)  

Now that you’ve started having some money in your purse or saved in your bank account, which investment vehicle should you use? In other word, what can you invest in?

Since it happens that you find yourself on this web page, the investment vehicle I will recommend for you and anyone looking to make money online is Affiliate Marketing.      

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